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We are working to help establish ESL classes where English as a second language can be taught utilizing our workers from our churches. When the church can provide something the Internationals need, we can get them in the door. They need Jesus but they do not know that. They realize the need to speak English better. If we provide an opportunity for the first generation to have a better command of the English language, we provide them the opportunity to immerse themselves more within the culture and to obtain better jobs. At the same time, they are being discipled through a Christian curriculum as they learn english. This outreach can be promoted within the areas where the people work and shop and can be promoted during the various ethnic festivals within the community.


As the culturally distinct groups are connected together, they will recognize that they are part of a greater vision and that together we will be able to encourage one another in reaching out to the nations within our nation. Each will be able to build upon what others have done to better evangelize their respective ethnic group. We can help direct them toward available resources.

Your Opportunity for Ministry

Adopt an ethnic church and together to do various programs and outreaches. This will provide an opportunity for each group to move outside its comfort zones in order to get to know one another.

Support Intercultural Ministries with your tax-deductible donation to further the work with the Internationals in Ohio.

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