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We will be able to help initiate Bible studies and cell group meetings with various ethnic leaders to the establishment of a new church. As various Internationals are discipled in the Lord, they will be able to attract others to come and be a part of a particular ethnic gathering that will include principles in Christian growth and Bible study.

A first generation church always has a need because of not having a command of the English language and to cultural differences. We can help them to become a self-supporting, self-propagating church. They then are able to minister among their own cultural groups more effectively than us.

We will help connect our "American churches" to the ethnic churches in order that we can minister to the second and third generations of that particular ethnic church. The children do not have the same ties that their parents have toward their home country because the children have been immersed into the American culture, yet, they struggle with “Who am I?” International children live one culture at home and one culture at school. We need to make sure they stay connected to the Christian culture and find their identity in Jesus Christ. They then will have a sense of belonging and will not seek out acceptance with the wrong crowd. Our ministry outreaches that have already been established can play an important roll in ministering to the youth and help in blending the cultures together.

Not only should a church provide a space for them to meet but be willing to interact with them. Through “Friendship Evangelism”, our lives will be enriched and theirs will be as well. They are strangers in a foreign land and they need a friend, they need someone they can trust. 

Your Opportunity for Ministry

Adopt an ethnic church and together to do various programs and outreaches. This will provide an opportunity for each group to move outside its comfort zones in order to get to know one another.

Support Intercultural Ministries with your tax-deductible donation to further the work with the Internationals in Ohio.

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