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For eight years, our lives have been filled with wonderful memories of working with the Teen Challenge ministries — one year in Iowa and seven years as the Executive Director of Teen Challenge in Columbus, Ohio. It has been rewarding to see the changed lives of the students and the reconciliation-taking place with their families.

In spring of 2004, Kathy and I felt that God was beginning to re-direct our lives into a new area of ministry. Knowing it was time to step down from Teen Challenge, we also felt the desire again to get involved with International ministries — this time, right here in the United States

We are US Missionaries under Intercultural Ministries to minister to the International people living here in America, especially in Ohio.

After spending fifteen years overseas as missionaries in the Philippines and Indonesia, the desire to minister to foreigners has not waned. The mission field has crossed the ocean and come to our land. There are over 400,000 foreign-born individuals living in Ohio alone. When that number is added to the second and third generations, which are already immersed within our culture, it is evident, we have a tremendous opportunity to make our churches more culturally diversified. We need to reach them with the Gospel message.

Be a part of a financial support team along with an army of prayer warriors to pray for this ministry. The "ends of the earth" has made it to our doorsteps and we must respond to this opportunity. I believe we are on the verge of a break-through and the Lord is putting everything in place for a mighty harvest.

Reaching the Nations here in America

Guy and Kathy Deal

The "ends of the earth" has made it to our door steps and we must respond to this opportunity!
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